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A small tent city

A "Rent" Fan-listing

Small Tent City
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Welcome to "11th Street and Avenue B: A Small Tent City", an Un-Official "Rent" Fan-listing. This is just a place where "Rent" fans from all over can just come together without all of the drama (pun intended) that you find in other communities. There are no rules because I screen every "call". If there is anything inappropriate or topic unrelated, I will just deny the posting. Besides, this isn't a dialogue community, just simply a listing of fans on LJ. Occasionally I will post updates regarding the community, the show, cast members, etc..., so remember to keep checking back for new information. I will also allow members to post advertisements and such as long as I approve of the post. That is in effort to keep this community clean and on topic. All I ask is that when you join, you fill out the short survey found at the bottom of the Info Section. It is NOT mandatory that you answer all of the questions, just enough so we can get to know about you and your "fandom" =)

Please Fill Out:::
1) Name and/or LJ Name:
2) Where from?:
3) # of times you've seen "Rent":
4) Which cast/'s have you seen?:
5) Favorite character:
6) Favorite actor/tress:
7) Why you are a fan:
8) personal or favorite website: