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Newbie!! [Mar. 2nd, 2005|07:38 pm]
Small Tent City


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Woo Hoo Im the 1st to do this lmaoo

1) Name and/or LJ Name: Jillian and Fcuk_user_names
2) Where from?: Queens, NY
3) # of times you've seen "Rent": oh lordy... a lot.. i wanna say close to 10 times. Thats probably not as many as a lot of other people but for me thats a lot! l0l
4) Which cast/'s have you seen?: so many different ones
5) Favorite character: Well... its a tie between Mark and Roger 
6) Favorite actor/tress: Oh lordy dont make me choose!..l0l Cary Shields, Matt Caplan, Jeremy Kushnier, Joshua Kobak, Colin Hanlon, Kelly Karbacz and so many more lmao I told ya I cant choose!
7) Why you are a fan: Because the show has so much meaning to it and everytime I see it I feel as if Im seeing it for the first time. And not a lot of things can make my really feel and draw me in like RENT does.
8) Personal or favorite website: getting Kims website for Matt Caplan out there l0l : http://www.freewebs.com/mattcaplan and http://www.danafuchs.com/home.html

Okay so since Im done doing that I'll just leave and wait for more people to come and fill theres out! =0)